Using Draft Coach in Google Docs

Draft Coach allows students to run a similarity check on their own work so they can see if they need to add more of their own content as well as check their citations and references.

Open draft coach from within a google doc by selecting “Add-Ons” -> “TurnItIn Draft Coach TM” -> “TurnItIn Draft Coach”. A panel will appear on the right.

Select the Similarity tab to run a similarity check (you get a max of three per document!) The maximum acceptable similarity level will vary depending on the teacher and type of assignment, but ensure that any sizeable blocks of matching text are cited properly and the “Overall Similarity” is not beyond what your teacher allows. If the similarity level is too high, look for the color coded sections of text to find where the problems lie. Click “View Full Report” to open your report in a full TurnItIn page.


Select the citations tab to run a citations check and view all your references and citations and any issues you may have with them (formatting, mismatched citations/references, etc.) unlike similarity, you can run unlimited citations checks!