On your Instructor Homepage, click the big green “Add Class” Button on the right hand side. If you work at multiple schools you will have multiple “Add Class” Buttons, ensure that you create the class under the correct school.

You will then find a screen asking you to adjust the settings for your class:

For now leave class type as “Standard”, Master Classes are used for cases involving multiple teachers teaching different sections of a course and some situations with student teachers. If you think this applies to you, read the section on Master Classes before creating your class.

You can set the class name to anything you like, but it is recommended that you make it reflect the class’s name in synergy so that your students can easily keep track of which class to submit assignments to. Your name will show up as the instructor to your students, so you do not need to include your name in the class name

Create an Enrollment key. This is essentially a password your students need in order to join your class. Choose something simple but unlikely to be guessed easily, it does not need to be high security.

Select subject areas and age ranges to the closest match to your course, this helps turnitin know what content to check student work against.  You must select at least one option for each, and you may select multiple options if desired.

Once you hit submit, turnitin will generate a class ID. Send this ID, along with the Enrollment Key out to your students via your preferred method of communicating with your class. (email, google classroom post, synergy message.

Now your students should be able to join your class in turnitin!